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Jewelry Maintenance

1. When you are sweating, washing your face or bathing, please take off your personal accessories in time and keep the accessories clean at all times. Be careful not to touch chemicals, avoid contact with hot springs, sea water, swimming pool water and shower gel. Keep out of contact with water as much as possible. If you accidentally encounter water, wipe it with a soft cloth.

2, wear, jewelry will wear, is the real gold and silver belt on the body, because the bump will also wear, so please wear carefully.

3, preservation method: put it into the jewelry box or jewelry bag when not wearing to prevent oxidation and old; try to store each piece of jewelry separately, so as not to collide with each other to scratch the surface, damage the gloss

4, wearing colored gold, natural stone and other accessories, should be their own makeup, spray perfume, dressing after the final step, so as to avoid contact between jewelry and chemicals, but also according to clothing to match.